26 Jul 2020

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Online Psychology Supervision

Article by Sara Taveira

Clinical supervision

In theory, clinical supervision is a paramount element to success in future psychologists’ clinical practice. However, if this is not done properly, the opposite may happen and novice therapists can have more difficulties building a caseload and a thriving practice and struggle to do the best job at helping someone in need.

So what’s makes a good supervisor and excellent clinical supervision experience?

The American Psychology Association (APA) mentions seven domains in their guidelines, namely, competence in supervision and diversity of topics discussed, supervisory relationship, professionalism, assessment, evaluation, and feedback plus ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations. Overall, it’s a growing process that is much more than based only on therapy skills, but more on consulting, didactic teaching, and managing cases, administrative topics, etc.

Quality of supervision and the relationship

Out of all these domains, we cannot deny that the quality of the supervision relationship is a key element for the success of the process. This relationship should include trust, safety which are extremely important for the up-and-coming psychologist to feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing one’s difficulties. From the supervisor’s point of view safety and trust also mean being secure providing consistent, sincere, opportune, and high-quality feedback. One can even say that the clinical supervision relationship should be like Winnicott’s concept of “good enough”. The relational experience between interns and supervisors also involves the ability to listen from both hands. In order for a novice psychologist to develop listening skills they must have a supervisor who knows how to listen very well, creating a safe “holding environment”. It also requires that the supervisor has the skills to tolerate not having all the answers, so he can teach that to the psychologist in training.

What to expect of clinical supervision at Online Therapy

At Online Therapy NZ we do our best to practice with high standards and evidence-based guidelines, including in clinical supervision. So if you are looking for a senior psychologist to travel with you this journey of clinical supervision do not hesitate to contact us to know more details and start this process.

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