01 Nov 2017

BY: Anna Keyter

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Online couples therapy is a concept that New Zealanders are mostly familiar with.  Relationship counselling and interacting with couples in the privacy of their own homes can be useful to help them address deep emotional issues that contributed to resentment, hurt and frustration.  Online therapy is similar to visiting the therapy room, however, some individuals are simply not comfortable with technology and may feel that face to face counselling is part of their healing process.

Online v.s. face to face

Online therapy v.s. face to face counselling is not better or worse, it is simply preference.  The younger generation who grew up with technology seems to be more comfortable with this medium.  In our practice, we generally focus on talk therapies using Skype or Zoom which means the therapist can observe the couple as though they were in the same room.

About online couples therapy

By the time couples enter therapy, they already have issues.  These issues include poor communication, controlling behaviour, intimacy problems, uncompromising attitude, selfishness, overall sadness or infidelity.

Most common communication problems

The silent treatment: This is a commonly used term that refers to shutting down all communication.  Unfortunately, it leads to stress, tension and anxiety in your relationship, but worst of all – emotional distance.

Beaten into submission: In many relationships, there is an imbalance of power that happens because winning an argument becomes more important than communicating the problem.  When one partner gives up and loses to the other, power imbalance is maintained and problems do not get addressed.

Shouting matches: Do you and your partner yell and bicker to the extent that it leads to fighting and excessive anger? Do you display controlling behaviour, verbal or physical abuse? An unbalanced relationship can very well trigger resentment and depression in your spouse.

Running away from arguments: Do you feel that it is too difficult to address relationship issues and therefore turn your attention to other matters?  This means that you are running away from arguments, ‘sweeping problems under the carpet’.  Problems will only accumulate if not addressed properly.

In conclusion, your online counselling experience would be similar to being in the same room as your therapist.  If you choose not to be seen, you can disable the webcam and switch to telephone counselling. The question is, would you be comfortable to address issues online?

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