03 Aug 2018

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Positive Change / Self-empowerment / Workshop

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Positive Change Self Empowerment Workshop

Positive Change Self Empowerment Workshop:

This course will be offered again in 2019. I will be at the Auckland Women’s Centre to present a positive change self-empowerment workshop.  I look forward to introducing a 6-week programme and working closely with Auckland ladies.

Who would benefit from the Positive Change Self Empowerment Workshop?

This workshop will benefit ladies who need motivation or would like to change in a positive way.  At some stage in our lives, we may be lacking self-confidence or feel shy/reserved when speaking in groups.  Another issue that could arise is that we may not consider a promotion because we question our experience and/or qualifications. These feelings are not unique! If you want to learn how to change the self-talk that informs the stories you hold about yourself, then this workshop is for you.

What will the Positive Change Self-Empowerment Workshop cover?
  • In brief, the first session will cover our stories.  What do we tell ourselves?  During this session, attendees will work through practical techniques for changing stories and rediscovering support networks.
  • Session two will focus on the heroine inside and setting goals based on strengths.  The discussion will include vision boards and how to reach the inner heroine.
  • During session three, we will discover how thoughts affect physiological reactions.  The group will target beliefs systems and explore how self-talk affects responses.  The focus will be on relaxation, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.
  • The fourth session will cover techniques to address our inner dialogue by recording, rationalising and replacing stories that are not useful.
  • Session Five will focus on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and turn problems into opportunities.
  • Finally, where to from here? What would be considered our most significant achievements? Would the end goal be based on happiness, meaning or both?

We will use a mix of group discussions, videos, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques.  We look forward to hearing from you.

How do you register for the Positive Change Self-Empowerment Workshop?

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