02 Jan 2018

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Online counselling in New Zealand is becoming commonplace.  Web therapy, phone therapy, text therapy or online therapy is a way to interact with your counsellor using a website, phone or mobile app as a therapeutic tool. This post provides information on online counselling in New Zealand.

Worldwide, there has been a trend towards online therapy.  Clients have provided the following reasons why they prefer online counselling
  • Online therapy is convenient and clients have control over their counselling in terms of time and location
  • Online counselling is cost-effective and therefore, clients can afford more frequent sessions
  • Furthermore, when a client cannot make an appointment due to traffic congestion or work commitments, they can at short notice change to online sessions


The flexibility of online counselling means that anybody can get counselling wherever they are.  Due to the New Zealand skills shortage in rural areas, online counselling makes therapeutic interventions attainable to people who would generally not have access to in-office counselling.  Online therapy is not only convenient for rural residents but also shift workers and disabled people.

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), Web/online therapy offers the following benefits
  • Convenience. Online therapy takes less time away from the office or your workday. You just need to dial a number or log in to a site
  • Less expensive
  • Online communication is very comfortable for many people, especially younger adults or those who use technology often
  • Online counselling can provide access to those who can’t get to an office


Safe Online Practice

E-counselling services may include email, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and a number of other online platforms.  However, as with all online services, clients should check a provider’s credentials before committing to treatment. Meet your online counsellor first and make sure he/she is registered with a relevant counselling body.

The APA makes the following suggestions regarding Web-therapy
  • Is your therapist licensed? Remember that licensing protects you. Professional health providers should be registered and searchable on membership directories.
  • Will the information I provide remain confidential? Registered professionals will ensure that clients have a safe, private space to share thoughts or emotions.


Is Online Counselling for you?

In summary, online counselling is not for everyone.  Some people still prefer meeting face to face with their counsellors as part of their healing process.  However, whether you are running out of time and need to change your counselling session to an online call, or alternatively, preferring the convenience of chatting to an online counsellor on a permanent basis, online counselling is here to stay.

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